Vintage - Sophisticated - Robust

Why use concrete?

 Concrete is an ideal material for both indoor and outdoor projects.  It's durable, long lasting, and can be both rustic yet modern.

Will it stain?

 We use a curing sealant that penetrates and hardens the concrete, making it resistant to stains and all types of weather.  See below that we have tested our concrete against common household stains:

What colors does concrete come in?

 Concrete is available in a variety of pigmentations.  Ezparza uses a mineral staining technique to create many natural colors. (Though we also have more vibrant shades available, such as turquoise).  

Will my concrete table be too heavy for my home/deck/patio?

No.  Even though concrete is a heavy material, Ezparza products are built to distribute weight evenly.  If your deck can hold a jacuzzi, it can hold a concrete table!